Wednesday, March 2, 2016

7 Tips to Ease Into a New Fitness Routine

The beginning of a new month is the perfect time for goal setting! I like to think of about 3-5 goals to focus on each month and work to make them happen!

If beginning a new fitness routine is on your list, it's extremely important to ease into a new routine to stay on track and avoid losing motivation.

Set yourself up for success with these tips:

Start slow - Your first couple of workouts should focus on simple, easy to follow routines. Think a relaxing yoga flow, simple stretching routine, or a long walk. Don't jump head first into trying a new HIIT workout or that new kettlebell routine you've been wanting to try. Save these for when you've reached a steady performance level.

Plan your workouts - Planning your workouts is just as important as planning your meals. Plan the workouts that you want to try that week and schedule them into your planning. Think of these workouts as calendar commitments and stick to them! Lay out your workout clothes and gym bag, whatever you need to have at the ready for the next day. Remember, fail to plan...plan to fail!

Follow a meal plan - It's so important to fuel your body with the proper nutrients in order to achieve your fitness goals. If you are incorporating clean, whole foods into your meal plan and avoiding junk and processed foods, you will have so much more energy and endurance to reach your goals! Remember, put good in...get good out!

Hold yourself accountable - Find a workout buddy, join a group, check-in with your friends on social media. Make sure that you have a source to keep your accountability in check!

Be your own cheerleader - Believe in yourself and push yourself to succeed! Sometimes it can be frustrating when trying a new workout and maybe you can't get to the number of reps that you want, or the amount of weight etc. Don't let this get you down! As you continue to push through your workouts, you will feel yourself getting stronger and see that you are building endurance.

Treat yo' self! - Treat yourself to some new workout clothes, get your nails done, or indulgence in a healthy treat. Do this at the end of each week, or once a month, whatever works for you. Remember, you deserve it!

Try new things - Once you're in the swing of things, try something new! This is where you want to try that new kettlebell workout! Never used an exercise ball before? Now is the time to try! Or try a new fitness get the idea! Trying new things will decrease burnout and keep you excited and motivated. It will also keep your muscles guessing, giving you positive results.

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